Buying old investment properties

Investing in the
secondary residential properties

Secondary residential property market in Helsinki is a very profitable investment option. Prices on the secondary housing market in Helsinki are traditionally lower compared to the new real estate market and the rental prices as well as the demand are high. Rented housing is common in Helsinki region. In the whole Helsinki metropolitan area 43% of all the households live in rented dwellings. We choose the best dwellings for investing that are located in the areas with well-developed infrastructure and high demand for rental accommodation.

We succeed to find the most profitable apartments which are below the average market prices and ensure the best rental income and capital growth.

Price for an apartment on the secondary housing market

(multi-storey housing in the Helsinki region)

2010 year

3 262€

2017 year

3 922€

The increase in value was

22.4%, or 3.2% per year


  • Areas on the outskirts of Greater Helsinki region (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa) with good public transport connections
  • Distance to Helsinki city center 30 km
  • 30 kilometres is a distance to the city center


  • 2-3 room apartments, 50-70 m2
  • Construction year - late 1970’s
  • Price per 1 m2 – from €2000

Pros and Cons

  • Low entry threshold (from 100 000 euros)
  • High demand for rental accommodation
  • High rental profit
  • Additional costs for cosmetic and major repairs
Profitable apartments in the secondary market

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