Property in Finland

Optimal balance

between reliability and profitability

The Finnish property market is regarded as one of the most transparent in the world. In the recent years, foreign investors have shown increased interest in all Finland’s property sectors, especially in residental property investment. Few reasons for that has been moderate prices, good rates of return on assets and legal security.

Finland is an open, well-functoning and stable economy, where strong growth, innovaton and structural reforms transformed the country into one of the world’s most compettve economies during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Finland retains top positons in many internatonal rankings that look at various indicators regarding the compettveness of the economy as well as overall welfare of citiens. These rankings illustrate Finland’s reputaton as a respected Nordic welfare economy where politcal and economical stability, transparent regulatory framework and high-quality educaton and healthcare support business and living.

Finnish economy grew by more than 3% in 2017. For 2018 and 2019, a stable growth is forecasted, with annual GDP growth fgures varying between 2 and 3%. The growth will be based on a contnuous increase in consumpton, exports and investments.


Total return on residential properties in 2017 (KTI Index)

32 %

Households of Finland live in rented dwellings


Average occupancy rate in 2017 (KTI)

Why to invest in residential property in Finland?

Economic and political stability

Stable income

Available funding at low cost

Well-functioning residential market

Geographical proximity

Finland tops world rankings

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