Keltasafiirinpolku 3, Vantaa

Keltasafiirinpolku 3, Vantaa

4.7 %

Yield rate

€ 52 017


1.1 %

Mortgage rate

€ 870

Rental price

3 % per year

Capital growth

Location: Keltasafiirinpolku 3, Vantaa

Total area: 40 м²

Description object:

40 m2
2 rooms, balcony Floor 3/7.
Completion August 2019

The apartments are fully-equipped and they also come with kitchen furniture and home appliances. During the construction phase you can choose design of the apartment.
Since apartments in Finland are rented unfurnished, it means that you can rent it out from the very first day after the completion of construction and guarantee yourself a steady rental income.

In the coming years the new residential area in Kivistö will be build for 30 000 residents. There are new schools and kindergartens in the district. Moreover, a new shopping mall is going to be opened in 2020. Automatic Waste Collection Systems installed in Kivistö. The pneumatic vacuum conveying system collects the waste from the waste Inlets, via under- ground pipe network to a Waste Transfer Terminal. The system produces no unpleasant smells or sounds with no garbage trucks involved. Kivistö district reminds an oasis, because it is ab- solutely packed with gardens and forests. It would be a perfect choice for those who like urban life and very close proximity to the Vantaa airport. For instance, it takes at least seven minutes to get to the airport, 15 minutes to the major region Tikkurila and 28 minutes to the city center of Helsinki. Moreover, from the railway station it is also possible quickly to get to nearby cities. Also that location provides plenty of opportunities for cyclists.

After 3 years of renting, you can sell the apartment at the increased price or buy the entire apartment gradually through received rental payments.

Total cost: €173 517
Sale price €52 017 

Loan: €121 500
Down payment €13000

Sale price is paid in 3 stages:
The first stage is €13 000 (50%) (after signing the contract)
The second stage is €36 583 (45.3%) (after the completion of construction)
The third stage €2 430 (1.4% of the total cost) (after the adoption of the apartment)

Mortgage rate 1.1% per year. 

The loan will be taken out in full by the time the inside work on the building is finished. 

Loan period 25 years, of which for the first 3 years you pay interest only.

Rental income: 840 euros per month

Rental yield calculation:
monthly: €870 — €168 (utility bills) – €111 (loan interest) = €591 annually: €591 x 12 = €7 092
Rental yield in first 3 years: €21 276
Estimated price growth in first 3 years (conservative): €15 000

* - Sale price of the property
** - Rent income during the period of "tax holidays"
Keltasafiirinpolku 3, Vantaa

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